marie luise möller




8 gadgets, 8 videos, 1 magazine STUDIO #PERFECT

brass, fabric, acrylic glass, magnifier, 3D-print

various sizes

Collaboration project with Paula Schinkel

Photos and videos by Max Bolle (click on the photos to see the Youtube videos)


This project was published in AUTOR magazine: The Beauty Issue

and was nominated for the GiebichenStein Designprize 2018


Society's view on beauty is constantly changing and nowadays mainly influenced by the trends on Instagram, Facebook and other Internet platforms.

But how far do people go to fit in to those beauty standards?

This is what Paula and I asked ourselves during our project #PERFECT themed about todays beauty standards. Our research led us to the prevalence of selfie culture, the increasing beauty standards and trends on social media, and as a result of these; the normalisation of plastic surgery.

We aim to criticise these normalised beauty standards in a discrete but clever way. Rather than focusing on the failure of todays society, we want our audience to think deeply about the implications of these standards. We developed eight beauty gadgets that focus on society's want for: longer eyelashes, a pointier nose, bigger lips, no double chin, bushier eyebrows, whiter teeth, more freckles and pinned back ears.

The design of our gadgets is somewhat barbaric with a sense of hidden humour. Furthermore, the colour pallete has been chosen to appeal to current trends. We aim to re-wire the brains of society, by re-assuring them that their beauty is not a product of these unrealistic standards.